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Presentations from Speakers & Panels

2007 Post Election Audit Summit
25-27 October 2007, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Program Presentations (organized by session)

Mini-biographies for speakers and panelists

Summit Bios.pdf

Audit Definition:

For the purposes of the summit we will focus on the following
definition of post election audits: The audit of election results,
conducted after the polls have closed and before certification, by
performing manual counts of paper ballots and voter-verifiable paper
records in randomly selected units (e.g. precincts) and comparing them
to the corresponding electronic or manual tallies, for the purpose of
verifying the election result with a high level of confidence.

Thursday, 25 October

Special Greeting: DeForest B. Soaries (watch video)

Keynote Speaker: Fritz J. Scheuren, Past President American Statistical Association
(watch video)


Friday, 26 October

9:30 AM Panel One – Why Audit – Q&A
Moderator: Kim Alexander, California Voter Foundation
Mary Batcher (watch video)
Ernst & Young; Chair of ASA Working Group on Elections
Panel 1.ppt
Doug Jones, University of Iowa, Department of Computer Science
(watch video)

S1-Douglas Jones-Auditing Elections.pdf
Lillie Coney, Associate Director, Electronic Privacy Information Center
(watch video)

S1-Lillie Coney-Why Audit for Transparency.ppt
Lesley Mara, Deputy Secretary of State, Connecticut (watch video)

10:30 AM Panel Two – How & What to Audit – Part I – Q&A
Audit Types Compared, Which Contests/Ballot Categories to Audit
Moderator: Larry Norden, Brennan Center (watch video)
Panelists: Ron Rivest, Professor, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, MIT (watch video)
Joe Hall, PhD. Candidate, School of Information, UC Berkeley (watch video)
Arlene Ash, Professor, Boston University School of Medicine (watch video)
Post-Election Audit Basics1.pdf
Howard Stanislevic, Computer Network Engineer & Founder, E - Voter Education Project (watch video)



This spreadsheet tool was used during this presentation to demonstrate the effect of statistical power and auditing by precincts, machines and ballot batches: AuditPrecinctDistUpTo5000

11:30 AM Panel Three – How & What to Audit – Part II – Q&A
Selection Process, Triggers, Escalation, Teams & Materials, Transparency
Moderator: Mark Halvorson, Citizens for Election Integrity, Minnesota (watch video)
Panelists: Victor Addona, Prof, Mathematics & Computer Science, Macalester College (watch video)
Arel Cordero, University of California at Berkeley, Computer Science Department (watch video)
Mark Lindeman, Bard College, Department of Political Science (watch video)
Philip B. Stark, Professor of Statistics, University of California, Berkeley (watch video)
Patty O’Connor, Auditor, Blue Earth County, Minnesota (watch video)

1:30 PM Panel Four – Resources - Time, People & Money
Moderator: Pam Smith, Verified Voting (watch video)
Bob Kibrick, Verified Voting (via remote feed) (watch video)
S4-Bob Kibrick-Resources.ppt
Matt Damschroder, Director, Franklin County Board of Elections, Ohio (watch video)
Dean Logan, Chief Deputy, Register-Recorder/County Clerk, Los Angeles County, CA (watch video)
S4-Dean Logan-People Time Money.ppt
Freddie Oakley, Director of Elections, Yolo County CA (watch video)

2:30 PM Panel Five – Roundtable – Q&A
Advantages & Pitfalls: Lessons learned from creating and implementing auditing regulations and legislation
Moderator: Doug Chapin, (watch video)
Panelists: Doug Kellner, Co-Chair, New York Board of Elections (watch video)
S5-Doug Kellner-NY Board of Elections.ppt

William Kalsbeek, Biostatistics & Survey Research Unit, UNC, Chapel Hill
(watch video)
Lessons Learned NC audit - Kalsbeek PPt.ppt

Bill Hilty, State Representative, Minnesota (watch video)
Jenny Flanagan, Executive Director, Common Cause, Colorado (watch video)

Saturday, 27 October

9:00 AM Keynote Speaker: Debra Bowen, California, Secretary of State, (via remote feed)
Bowen Speech (8 min) on YouTube

9:30 AM Panel Seven – Principles of Great Post Election Audits – Q&A
Putting It All Together
Moderator: John McCarthy, Verified Voting (watch video)
S7-John McCarthy-Putting it All Together.ppt

Panelists: Pam Smith, Verified Voting (watch video)
Larry Norden, Brennan Center (watch video)
Candice Hoke, Center for Election Integrity, Cleveland State University (watch video)

10: 30 AM Panel Eight – Action Steps – The Road Map – Q&A

Building Consensus - Overcoming Obstacles

Moderator: Dan McCrea, Florida Voters Coalition (watch video)
Panelists: Cisco McSorley, State Senator, New Mexico (watch video)
Bill Hilty, State Representative, Minnesota (watch video)
Renee Steinhagen, New Jersey Appleseed Public Interest Law Center (watch video)
NYAuditGraphs.pdf (Examples of how to use graphs to present to legislators.)

Susan Gill, Supervisor of Elections, Citrus County, Florida (watch video)