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Auditing Resources

•Post-Election Audit Definition
Post-Election Audit Principles
  &nbsp(See What's New, May 14th for background)
    •Other election audits
        •Hot Audits

        •Cold Audits

•Glossary of Elections Terms

•Why Audit?

•Audit Methods
Philip Stark (UC Berkeley), CAST: Canvass Audit by Sampling and Testing (August 2008)

•What to Audit - Which Races

•Sample Selection Methods
Percentage-Based vs. SAFE Vote Tabulation Auditing

NY Audit Graphs

•Counting Best Practice

•Triggers & Escalation

•Burden - Time, People & Money

•Politics - Building Consensus
Pam Smith - Testimony to House Subcommittee on Elections

Draft New Jersey Audit Bill

Brennan Center Report on Post-Election Audits

California Post-Election Audits Standards Working Group Report

CEIMN Minnesota Audit Report