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What's New?

10/29/09 Statement to NIST on Post-Election Audits

9/15/08 Principles and Best Practices for Post-Election Audits

5/27/08 Eyes on the Vote Count: Non-partisan Observer Reports of Minnesota’s 2008 Post-Election Audit and Recount

3/11/08 New State Audit Legislation Reference Guide!

A searchable database of state-based audit laws that allows anyone to search by specific components such as triggers, sampling methods and other critical audit components. This will serve as a valuable tool for election officials, legislators, election integrity leaders and concerned citizens.

2/9/08 Percentage-based versus SAFE Vote Tabulation Auditing: A Graphic Comparison.
A shorter version of this paper was published in the February, 2008, issue of The American Statistician, one of the flagship publications of the American Statistical Association. See:
A longer version of this paper can be found in the "Auditing Resources" section on this website.

1/16/08 Coalition Says Changes Needed in Election Audits
Four good government groups have proposed 18 recommendations to improve the state’s post-election audit process to assure the integrity of the vote in Connecticut. To see the press release and the report on the Connecticut Post-Election Audit Report:

1/15/08 New Jersey has now passed S.507, a strong election audit bill! You can read the language here (PDF link). For continuing updates on this and other New Jersey e-voting issues, you can take a look at

New Mexico is considering a post-election audit bill, which has now been introduced into their state senate as SB318. You can read the language here (PDF link).